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What is Chemazone?

Scientists and researchers frequently require chemical components for their R&D work. There are several ways of obtaining a desired R&D chemicals.

The first option is to engage the services of notable chemical manufactures, such as Aldrich, who are R&D chemical specialists. They have the advantage of a wide distribution network which enables them to offer fast delivery times. However, they have only got a limited range of available from stock chemical structures.

A further option is to make use of the services offered by online suppliers, like SciFinder, which dispatch huge quantities of chemicals. Their disadvantages, on the other hand, are the very high prices for the use of their services as well as an unsatisfactory program of services, which merely contains a list of distributers or middleman for the desired compound. In many cases, after wasting a lot of time inquiring about the compound in question, the user realises that it is no longer available from stock since there is, in fact, only one producer who is enable to dispatch desired structure.

There are several smaller companies comparable to SciFinder whose online services are free of charge. They, however, offer the same poor service, and only provide a list of possible suppliers instead of desired chemicals.

Chemazone is the final option. Chemazon's sales service has none of the disadvantages stated above. Chemazon's sales program includes:
• Firstly, a huge quantities of structures available from stock immediately;
• Secondly, the online catalog that is free of charge;
• Thirdly and mainly, Chemazone providers the customer with the desired compounds itself.

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